Transformational Security

The ATOM Receiver

The new, lightning fast TS-1000 Surveillance Receiver is a wideband, 4-input, phase-coherent, high-resolution RF acquisition & detection system perfect for local or remote IPMS signal monitoring activities.

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IRIS Spectrum Software

The Integrated Receiver Information System software sets a new standard for SIGINT monitoring with all-in-one spectrum, trace, falling raster, and oscilloscope displays for SIGINT professionals

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We created the most flexible alarm panel software possible.  Our high-security alarm software creates a virtual alarm panel that can operate on any laptop and can be customized for any security scenario.

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Redeployable SCIF

The new R-SCIF incorporates cutting-edge physical and technical features to create one of the most innovative and secure, turnkey, portable SCIFs available. Designed to exceed all DCID 6/9 and ICS 705-1 requirements.

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N6841A Keysight Receiver

The Keysight RF Sensor provides a cost effective way to improve Spectrum Monitoring and Management. Coherent signal monitoring, detection & geolocation for a single room or an entire country.

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Field STC Measurement Kit

The Field STC Measurement kit tests the STC rating of a room, wall, or window. The lightweight system employs a wizard-based guidance system evaluating the STC rating for the barrier under test.

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M2 Travel 24

The M2 Travel 24 system provides a turnkey solution for facilities and travel teams in need of a complete sound masking solution. Using state of the art speech generators, the M2 is the clear choice for SCIFs and SSOs.

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Designed to meet DIA standards for storage of PEDs/Cell Phones inside a SCIF, the PED Vault prevents RF energy from entering or leaving the container and includes a Sound Masking System for complete security.

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PED Vault Mobile

Perfect for travel, the Storm Case includes an adjustable Noise Generator, and STC rated sound deadening material prevents the phone’s from recording conversations. The unit can hold up to 25 individual PEDs.

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Vulnerabilities to your WiFi network can be costly. As a handheld wireless auditing and penetration testing suite, SILICA keeps your WiFi network safe and reduces the possibility of a WiFi-based computer hack.

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In-Place Monitoring systems is the ultimate tool for signal detection and location. Our IPMS software maximizes signal detection and offers full signal geo-location. We have a hardware and software-based solution.

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The all-in-one SpeechMask generator unit combines superior signal processing, best-in-class digital amplifier technology, and N-channel signal processing to create the first speech-masking generator targeted at voice privacy.

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The VMG is a portable direct-field Sound Masking System (SMS) designed for a variety of speech masking applications. It is battery- or dc-operated with pre-programmed masking audio and a 4W amplifier.

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